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    1.1 Background of the Translation Project

    The construction and development of China's water culture need to introduce to theworld and the world's water culture to China. With the correlation between water andeconomy, politics, science, technology and society, the influence of water culture onhuman beings is increasing day by day, and it has become an irresistible major issue ofglobal concern. The President Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the 19th NationalCongress of the Communist Party of China that "We should cherish our cultural roots,draw on other cultures, and be forward-thinking."[1]This speech not only emphasized thatcivilization exchanges should be the driving force for the progress of human society, butalso made us realize that the future should be viewed from a global perspective.We shouldfurther strengthen cultural self-confidence, actively promote mutual respect and workingtogether, coexistence among different civilizations, and form a joint force to promote thedevelopment and progress of human society.


    1.2 Significant of the Translation Project

    NorthChinaUniversityofWaterResourcesandHydropoweris ahigh-techinstitutionthat started from the water and is developed because of water. It serves water governanceand water safety. As a student of this school, due to the influence of my tutor, ProfessorZhang Fusheng, I understand that the translation and research of water culture is theindispensable academic responsibility of "Huashui Scholars". It is worth paying closeattention to that there have been many new achievements in the study of water cultureabroad in recent years. The book mentioned in this article reflects the level of academicaccumulation at the forefront of international water culture theory. It is undoubtedly animportant reference for the development of China's water culture.

    We believe that the introduction of foreign water culture books will further expandour international perspective on water culture, promote the prosperity and development ofChina's water culture, and make some contributions to building and improving thetheoretical system and practice system of Chinese water culture.



    2.1 Selected of Translation Material

    Before this translation, the author first went through the selected chapters. Whilefamiliar with the characteristics, style, and idioms of the original text, understand thegeneral content of the chapter selection, distinguish the various viewpoints used in theoriginal text, and mark out some difficult parts for later verification.The preparatory workbefore translation is mainly divided into the verification of the original content and themining of relevant professional knowledge.

    2.1.1 Choice of Translation Theory

    The author first goes through the whole text to get a clear understanding of the maincontent of the text, before translating the target text, so as to distinguish the text type andtranslation theories applicable to the text type. Due to the lack of knowledge andunderstanding based on translation theories at home and abroad, the author reviewedonline translation theory of relevant data and borrow the books A Brief History of Chineseand Western Translation (XieTianzhen), Technical Translation (FuYonglin,TangYueqin).Based on the in-depth understanding of translation theory, combining with the style andtext type of the translation project, the functional equivalence theory of Americantranslation theorist Eugene a. Nida was finally determined as the theoretical guidance forthe translation practice.


    2.2 The Language Style and Difficulties of theArticle

    Compared with other literary st