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    機房計費管理應用、方案架構及推廣解決方案指南 文獻翻譯

    日期:2018年01月15日 編輯: 作者:無憂論文網 點擊次數:7726
    論文價格:50元/篇 論文編號:lw200705231946545115 論文字數:5126 所屬欄目:英語論文翻譯
    論文地區:中國 論文語種:中文 論文用途:文獻翻譯 Literature Translation

    一 PC產品需求分析:
    機房應用除了對性能有特殊要求之外,其它的需求概括起來有4點:(1)PC的穩定性,機房用的PC基本上是每天24小時處于開機及運行狀態,對PC的穩定性有更加嚴格的要求,即對PC 隨時高低溫啟動、節能管理、電源管理、內存管理以及持續工作不死機的要求非常嚴格,這并非是DIY所能做到的,這些因素必須是在產品系統設計中考慮的因素,同時在機器生產時采用48小時動態考機才能發現潛在的影響系統穩定性的因素;(2)PC的可管理性,機房如同教育行業的電子教室,對機房的管理如同對教師對電子教師的管理,這就是PC的網絡管理,即在線管理,例如初始化多臺機器并行OS安裝、應用程序安裝、硬件管理、使用監控以及報警等管理功能,針對機房PC,專門開發機房管理軟件,實現對機房PC的管理;(3)易用性要求,機房PC如同傻瓜PC,在客戶端不需要安裝、設置,只須開機,滿足易用性要求;(4)健康要求:靜電、電磁輻射指標、顯示器防眩、鍵盤鼠標抗菌設計及符合人體公學設計。

    二. 服務器產品需求分析:附件2:外文原文(復印件)

    Engine room counting fee management application, project structure and expansion solution guidebook A PC product need analysis: Engine room application besides need towards function had special request outside, other summarize to have 4:00:(1) PC fundamental that PC that stability, engine room use is up is everyday 24 hours request for be placed inning openning the machine and circulating the appearance, stability towards PC having more and strictly, then request PC at any time high low temperature start, stanza can manage, power supply manage, inside memory manage and keep on worked deathless machine very and strictly, this is not is what DIY can make to, these factors must be in the product system design inside factor that consider, at the same time at the factor that the machine produce adopt a 48 hour development test the machine can discover latent influence system stability;(2) PC of can manage the sex, engine room as if teach Teach the profession's electronics classroom, and management engine room as if management teacher to electronics teacher, and this is the PC network management, namely on-line management, for example early the machine of many sets proceed together the OS to install, application the procedure install, hardware management, usage supervise and control and report to the police the etc. to manage the function, and aim at the engine room PC, specialized development engine room to manage the software, and realize to management engine room PC;(3) easily use the as if simpleton PC of sex request, engine room PC, and carry to not need to install, establish in the customer, only the beard open the machine, and satisfy to easily use the sex request;(4) health request:The static electricity, electromagnetism radiates the index sign, display to defend , keyboard the rat mark the anti- virus the design and match the human body 公 to learn the design.