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    英國essay寫作范文:Brand Extension of GUCCI

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    Introduction & summary 介紹
    Brand extension is a very popular way to launch new products. Every year nearly 82% of the new product introductions of brand extension are introduced. This is not surprising, because the brand can be used as signal quality and to communicate to the consumer's unique symbol attribute for consumers and businesses to reduce risk. In addition, ignore the external situation elements, when consumer evaluation of brand extension. Brand extension is not introduced in vacuum; When a consumer evaluation of brand extension, they do so in a lot of situational factors. In consumer behavior, for example, recent studies suggest that the transient conditions caused by state of mind can influence how consumers process information. Circumstances can trigger mating consumer mentality is also very frequent. Is the ideal person of the opposite sex, for example, on the Internet, or on TV can activate thinking mating. Similarly, dating, or even dating web site can induce mating mentality. In fact, according to a survey, adults often think about mating. In particular, young men and women reported their external cause they think many times a day. Therefore, this article is intended to identify the brand extension with the brand Gucci in the Restaurant. 
    Contextual & theoretical backgrounds
    The consumer's attitude toward brand extension is an important variable in determining the expansion of the consumer acceptance. Bad attitude, once established, difficult to change and avoid may cause the consumers of the brand. As a result, it can be said the success of a marketing plan depends on the brand association in consumers, create favorable, in turn, will lead to positive affect the overall image of the product brand. Previous research has shown that consumers widely suspected of brand extension too far at the core of the brand's identity. When consumers think similar or consistent with the original brand extension products, they are more likely to be the parent brand new extension products will take an active attitude. In other words, when consumers have a positive brand attitude towards parents, higher level for an extended between the parents and the brand, consumers perceived, will lead to more positive comments.
    Consumers are willing to try the brand extension of brand high trust and praise. It points out that the consumer's knowledge and belief of a strong brand can make up for low direct knowledge of brand extension, and evaluation of brand extension. In these strong brands belief seems to be many definitions of intersection and trust. It shows a strong brand extension strategy of brand trust will benefit more from less than trust rivals..................
    Discussion & recommendations
    Reference list
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    Appendix A